Swatch - Keith Haring x Disney

Client | SWATCH
Agency | Foreal
Year | 2021
Country | Worldwide

For our friends at SWATCH we developed the Mickey Mouse x Keith Haring Sound-Campaign. We create 90s based Music and SFX for the worldwide launch of this special edition.

In less than five weeks we created a music Idea for covering every kind of media from Social Media like Instagram, TV to digital billboards on New York Time Square.



Art Direction 

Dirk Schuster, Benjamin Simon, Nastia Ibragimova

3D Artists & Animation

Konstantin Twardzik, Martin Thul


Konstantin Twardzik, Martin Thul, Dirk Schuster, Benjamin Simon, Andreas Twardzik, Nuhan Alp

Music Production, SFX, Mixing & Mastering

Peter Albertz | Fontymusic